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32nd International Cotton Conference, Bremen

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Cotton Conference 2014

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32nd International Cotton Conference


19th - 21st March 2014



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President's Dinner
Cotton Conference
Bremer Abend

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We spend a large part of our lives in cotton. We have surrounded ourselves for centuries with this wonderful natural fibre. We sleep in it and live in it. Cotton is one of the most important fibres in the clothing industry. Cindy Crawford once said "I am a product that everybody wants". We can also say the same for cotton. But does the consumer see it the same way?

The International Cotton Conference Bremen began in the 1950's and dealt exclusively with matters of cotton testing, before developing over the years to include more and more on cotton production and the next stages of the textile chain. In 2014, for the first time, a change in perspective is taking place:

- What does the consumer expect?
- How can the cotton and textile industries meet these expectations?
- What exactly makes cotton a unique fibre in the eyes of the people all around the world?

In Bremen we will provide the answers: Analyses, findings, research results and solutions will be presented and discussed on everything from cotton growing through processing and equipment to the everyday comfort. Sustainability in production, textile processing and the use of clothing, which is becoming increasingly important for the end consumer, will also be looked at.

In keeping with tradition, the 32nd International Cotton Conference Bremen will take place from 19 to 21 March 2014 at the medieval Town Hall in the Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany. The Bremen Conference is a unique meeting opportunity for people from all sides of the cotton business, from the cotton seed producer to the retailer. Meetings of various international organisations such as ICAC , ITMF and CICCA also contribute to the Conference, as well as social events such as the famous "Bremer Abend".